Yogi Pips

Cat, Cow, Crawl & Cuppa

5 Wk New Year Course

Wednesdays 11.15am

8th Jan - 5th Feb

1 hour | £8.50

My Yogi Pips class is for mamas/carers and their babies from approx 4 –14 months when they are more robust - rolling, sitting and more alert to their world. Many Yogi Pips have graduated from my Yogi Buds’ class, but new starters are always welcome!  The focus of this class is a more vigorous practice for mum or carer, with the reassurance that your little ‘Pip’ can play, crawl or join in with poses, around you.


For mama/carer this class:

•    Helps build physical strength, tone and conditioning

•    Develops further baby handling skills to prevent injury and carry without strain as baby grows

•    Provides a space to relax, re-energise and nourish, especially when baby moves through development leaps or periods of teething

•    A fun and safe space where friendships blossom and you can chat and learn from peers


 For your little pipsqueak:

•    Poses that stimulate muscle development and motor skills as baby works towards crawling or unassisted walking

•    Fine motor skills continue to be stimulated through poses and interaction

•    Language development, socialising and listening skills are strengthened with songs and seeing familiar faces

•    ‘Mat time’ soon becomes associated with bonding and relaxation

•    Babies have the freedom to play or share in mama/carer’s practice, in a relaxed and flexible environment. Every class is different!

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Yogi Pips: 5 Wk New Year Course

Wednesdays 11.15am

8th Jan - 5th Feb

1 hour | £8.50


All Saints Church, The Avenue, Hampton, TW12 3RS

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