Yogi Buds

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5 Wk New Year Course

Wednesdays 12.15am

8th Jan -5th Feb

1 Hour | £8.50

My Yogi Buds class is suitable for mamas from their six-week postnatal GP check, and their baby buds from newborn to approximately four to six months.  It provides the perfect balance of nourishing gentle, recovery yoga for mama, bonding poses for you and baby and gentle moves for baby to softly stimulate their senses, in a calm and relaxing space.


For mama this class provides:

•    Support for your postpartum body, by restoring core alignment and connection with your pelvic floor

•    Baby handling techniques to help protect postpartum recovery

•    Poses to support your body (hotspots like shoulders and legs) with the challenges of early motherhood 

•    Breathing techniques to energise and balance, plus meditation techniques to aid relaxation at any time of day or night

•    And because I love a baby snuggle, I try to offer each mama some precious ‘baby free’ time on the mat!



For your little budding yogi:

•    Baby yoga poses that stimulate their senses, encouraging neural pathway development and help baby reach milestones such as head control, rolling, hand-eye co-ordination, smiling and eye tracking

•    Yoga movements that aid fine motor skills, vision, balance and muscle tone

•    Strengthening poses, including ‘tummy time’ alternatives and those that help baby towards sitting

•    Soothing techniques that aid early digestive development and help colicky babies

•    Music, movement and breathwork which supports bonding and helps baby relax and sleep.


Plus an optional tea & chat at the end!

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Yogi Buds Course

5 Wk New Year Course

Wednesdays 12.15am

8th Jan -5th Feb

1 hour | £8.50


All Saints Church, The Avenue, Hampton, TW12 3RS